Tile-based design from Pinterest is the best possible way to start a new category of Tile-based design on UX Porn and that’s what we give you :)

First of all: yes, you can expect more of tile-based wireframes on UX Porn :) Second, if you’re wondering how can you use this design, three things: content exploration, showcase volume and responsive design. Starting from content exploration: if you want to encourage your customers to explore all the goodies on your site, this pattern allows stylish content exposure, so the content becomes the first thing that literally pops on the screen, yet not obtrusively (and Pinterest is a true classic in this field). This is where the second benefit comes in: simultaneously a tile-based design shows the volume of your content. Clever, huh? :) And let’s not forget, how easy you can implement responsive design within a tile-based pattern!

Tile-based design from Pinterest wireframe is made for wide websites breakpoint, with UXPin responsive design features you can easily prepare versions for tablets, iPhone and more! Upload the wireframe to your account and check it out!

Ps. see the tutorial on using responsive breakpoints to get the most of this feature!