Shopping Cart Popover from Bell Wireframe Template & UI Design Pattern

One of the biggest problems in the websites’ and mobile applications’ design is how to connvince the users that less means more here. Minimalism is extremely important, especially in the world of smartphones. Shopping Cart Popover from Bell is an example of how the minimalism can look like.

Before designing anything, ask yoursefl the one essential question: what would I like to achieve? The next step is to realize how you could achieve that goal. The answers to these questions are priceless. If you want to sell something, it will be better to not focus on all the elements of the product. You have to figure out what is the most important and can be perceived as an added value. That’s how the designers realized they project.

Their checkout should be an example to the other websites. Shopping Cart Popover from Bell is not only pretty, but also functional. The most important information is clearly legible (price, size, quantity). While looking through their shopping cart popover you just feel the urge of confirming the purchase.

By the way, the solution proposed by Bell’s service may be well perceived in the world of mobile applications. Don’t you think? :)