eBay New Profile Page UI Design Pattern and Wireframing Templates

eBay New Profile Page brought a lot of freshness to old and rusty world of eCommerce Design. While Pinterestish design of the Homepage might be questionable, profile page is an excellent example of modern design. eBay new Profile Page is clear (with a lot of space!) and focused on what’s really important: reliability of seller and items that are currently offered. It’s a massive improvement!

eBay New Profile Page is also full of excellent UI Design Patterns. Just take a look at excellent usage of breadcrumbs. I Wish more designers would know how to correctly show users their paths. Good work! I also admire little “Browse by category” drop down next to the logo. It’s unobtrusive and clearly connected to search. Excellent.

If you’re as excited about eBay’s New Profile Page as I am – upload it to your UXPin account and play with it in your UX Design App.